One-On-One Workshop with Jennifer Blair

I don't know about you, but Instagram is my favorite social media outlet. I get so excited to open the app if I haven't checked it in a few hours.  My favorite part is the explore tab. Sometimes at night I scroll for hours. Instagram clearly gets me because my explore feed is filled with pictures of delicious looking food and photography from all over the world.

In fact, Instagram is how I stumbled onto Jennifer Blair Photography. She is a fine art wedding film photographer based in Florida. I was drawn to her style because her images are bright and have an ethereal feeling. In my opinion, she conveys romance better in one image than any romance novel I have ever read.

I followed her for about 2 years before ever reaching out. Jennifer announced last fall that she would be offering her first ever one-on-one workshop opportunities for this Spring. I loved the idea of a one-on-one meeting where I could ask her questions, she could tell me a little bit more about her individual process, and I would have the opportunity to learn from one of the best. 

The workshop was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I am so thankful for the time spent in Florida. I can't even begin to share everything that I learned, but needless to say, the images are stunning! Enjoy :)

Styled Shoot ⎟ Jennifer Blair Photography
Gown ⎟Aidan Mattox for BHLDN
Florals ⎟ Myrtie Blue
Bridal Crown ⎟Naturae Designs
Hair Artist ⎟Brenna Beauty
Model ⎟ Georgia Clark

Psalm 52:8

In the Spring of 2010, I took the Introduction to Visual Communications class taught by Dr. Rob Peaslee. It was by far one of my favorite classes in undergrad and I still refer back to what I learned even now. As part of our final project, we were commissioned with the task of creating a logo and making a presentation that explained our process and inspiration. We were given free reign over what business, organization or individual to create a logo for. I used that opportunity to create a logo for my slowly-but-surely-growing photography business.

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The Plunge

I still remember the day I bought my first DSLR camera the summer after my senior year of high school in 2009. At this point, I just liked taking pretty pictures and thought I needed a better camera to do so. Just a couple months later I enrolled at Texas Tech University in Lubbock and majored in Visual Communications, having very little understanding as to how my photography would play a role. My major was the old photojournalism degree, but was re-designed to combine advertising, design, PR, photography and much more. In fact, my current business, Olive Tree Photography, started in 2010 as the result of a class project. During my first year and a half as a photographer I primarily shot senior portraits and a few families. My business slowly grew by word of mouth and I enjoyed it as a hobby. 

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